Deodato Genovese/ July 13, 2016/ Fun & Play

Human beings were found to have traced from South Africa. It is also said that evolutionary evidence proves that the apes and Homo sapiens have a common ancestor. This shows us that we, human beings were initially collectivistic culture. Another evolutionary evidence show that the people – Homo sapiens had a rivalry species who were really similar to Homo sapiens. They were found to have really long forehead and had been rally brainy and had higher levels of intellectual knowledge. But, Homo sapiens and these people were supposed to have a huge war, wiping out their races. And the other people who are alive now just live among the Homo sapiens because they are not sure of their origin, since there is no historical evidence like writings and scripts.
It can be said that collectivistic culture are good as well as bad. It is called earth for a reason because we can not get only good things fully. Everything has a flaw. If there is no flaw, then it will become heaven. In collectivistic culture, people are really close. Decisions will be based on the good of the family than the good of the person. But, in times of ups and downs, everyone will act as one big unit and will share profits and loses. It is good in the society as well as bad. If one person in the family is popular and is considered as the reason for enlistment of tea family in sophisticated circles. Whereas if one person commits a crime, then they are supposed to be disgraced for the person. Collectivistic cultures allow no space for privacy.
In collectivistic culture, family tree scrapbook are of no need. When someone sees a picture, they will tell the story to others for 100 times that the others will know when they see a picture, the whole story behind it. But, certain collectivistic cultures are found to be more male dominant and hard place for feminists and dominant females to live in. It is totally opposite of the collectivistic culture. You will find that there is no real attachment. There is no need for love and care. They lacking lots of things. When someone falls down or meets a loss, they will not have anyone to support them. They are generally given a lots of privacy and they are found to have better luck at doing a mistake and the mistake will be overseen. Every culture has its own defects and problems. It is said that collectivistic easy scrapbooking should lose up a bit about gossips and looking into others problem and it would be better culture. And individualistic cultures is a mad dog chat because everyone is running in different directions, the unity should be strengthened.

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